On Resolutions & Reflections

Hello, all!

This isn’t the typical start-of-a-new year post. It’s a send-off to 2011 and the beautiful moments that made the year special, and it’s me looking forward to this year with the only expectation being Happiness.

2011 was definitely an important year for me… I graduated from high school and went off to college, which is quite a life change. But this past year, I discovered friendships that I didn’t realize would become so important to me. I learned about myself and had a few preconceptions be thrown out the window. I realized how important some people have been in my life and though I never actually thanked them, I realized that it’s quite important to me to recognize my dependence upon others. So, to everyone that made 2011 special– from hugs, adventures, advice, knowledge, or simply a kind word… thank you for making my year wonderful.
This year, though, I’m thinking that it’s time for change.
I’m not going to make specific resolutions this year (and I realize that it’s now slightly over a week into 2012, but in my defense I haven’t had internet access for a while…), but I’m going based on concepts. In theory, I am not challenging myself to change who I am, but rather to try to become the person that I want to be.
For now, this means that my resolutions are the following:

  • Create something beautiful
  • Seek simplicity
  • Make good decisions
  • Have an adventure
  • Fill life with happiness
  • Surround myself with supportive, awesome people
These are not resolutions that necessarily have an end. I learned last year that I don’t do that well with exact resolutions (with the exception of reading at least 50 books, since I was able to do that by volunteering at the library). These are not so much resolutions for the new year as they are resolutions for life, the kind that are applicable at any time of the year and ideas that could be implemented anytime.
As always, though, I’m looking forward to this year, and all the things that are ahead. Some of these resolutions are applicable to blogging, but I have some other projects that I’ll be embarking on this year, and I intend to continue sharing some of these with you.
Anyway, thanks for reading as always and I hope your year has been beautiful so far. I hope that 2011 ended in happiness & joy and that this year brings you all the happiness that you deserve.

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