Hello, all!

I spent a lot of my time today feeling strangely productive and adult-like. I cleaned my room (it wasn’t *that* bad by college standards, or even my own, but the emptiness of my room makes any sort of disorganization or mess glaringly obvious), vacuumed my room and bathroom, washed dishes, cleaned my sink (and the toilet… ew…), did laundry, and I even DECORATED my walls.

There’s nothing particularly extraordinary about these things, or the fact that I did them (though my mother might tell you otherwise), but I’m finding it rather odd that I chose to spend most of my day doing things like that rather than simply wandering around campus aimlessly. However, it’s not like I did those things alone, without people around, or did nothing else but that. My social life still existed during most of that. I suppose it must be a measure of how comfortable my new friends and I are around each other that we can turn the time during which I would be doing something monotonous and eerily similar to chores into a few hours of hanging out. I mean, you know you must be close to people when they see you sorting through your dirty clothes.

At any rate, I guess what I’m trying to say is that college today was a strange contradiction. It’s weird to feel childish (some of that social time was predictably spent coloring in my Sesame Street coloring book. Don’t judge me, it was a gift!) and strangely grown-up at the same time. It’s also strange to realize that my dorm room, for the moment, feels more comfortable and home-like than my room at home did when I was there just a few days ago. Time spent here is kind of relaxing, and feels just as familiar as my house did.

I’m not even done decorating yet– I need more postcards/pictures/posters to decorate the walls with and I’m kind of hesitant to cover a lot of the extra wall space I have now in case I get a new roommate… though I need more STUFF in here to keep it from being echo-y. I’m decorating in stages– I’ll post pictures when I have finished putting up everything that I currently have.

Anyway, that was ramble-y.

A demain,


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