New and Old

Here is where the new and the old collide. Here is where there is only the unknown, and the possibility of a shift. Here, on this treacherous crevice of choices, I hesitate and wonder if I have the courage to jump off the edge or if I will simply fall backwards and trust the solidity of solid ground.


3 thoughts on “New and Old

  1. Ooh, pretty blog layout! How long has that been around? (Seeing as how I read within the frame of Google Reader, I wouldn't know.)Anyway. You've been going to UNC Asheville, right? It's on my list of three colleges I want to look at more closely, so I was wondering…I don't know. Wondering what you had to say about it. The main thing that's making me lean toward the other two is the small student body, but my best friend's sister went to an open house thingy and they had nothing but good things to say about the campus and the area and…everything else.

  2. Hey! Long time no talk, friend! Yeah, I go to UNCA. It's amazing. If you want to come visit, you are more than welcome to come see me– I have an extra bed cuz my roomie just movied out 🙂 I'd be happy to write about my school sometime or give you any information! Email me, I guess… it should be on my profile!

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