Nearly March

Hello, all!

I just redesigned my blog. Though I loved the whole Eiffel Tower thing, I decided it was time I change it up again. This is kind of less pretty, but it’s simple– it kind of goes with me not knowing where this blog is going. It still has a bit of the Eiffel Tower, and the banner (I made it with Paint and Word…) is made up of some of my favorite pictures from France (and one from Italy). It’s interesting, if anything.

Making that banner made me think that I should do a round-up of my favorite pictures from France. I already have a pretty good list, but I have THOUSANDS of pictures. Not really sure what else to do with them, so maybe sometime in the upcoming months, I’ll make that.

I don’t think I’ll be posting daily in March. I have a few posts that I know will be coming up soon– tomorrow, expect a round-up of all my February posts and on Wednesday, I’m participating in an FFB blogging event, so that will be posted then. But other than that, I really don’t know what is in store.

I’ve really enjoyed writing every day for the last month, and I would definitely like to continue that. It’s been awesome to see how many people have been reading my posts, and I’ve had so many great comments from you guys. I’m incredibly thankful, and I’m glad that my words made you feel the need to respond. I hope you continue with the commenting, because it makes my day every time! It’s like I’m getting to know you guys, and part of me just wants to call you all my friends (some of you are already), but either way… thanks, friends šŸ™‚

OKAY. I’m going to stop being ramble-y now, because I have things to go do (and books to read, I just got two more from the library today… it just feels like a reading week for me), but I’ll see you back here tomorrow!

Questions for today:
– What do you think about the new blog design?
– What do you want me to write about in the future?

A demain!


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