100 Happy Things

Hello, all!

Well, this is the 100th post. Not much, is it?

I wasn’t sure what to write about today, but I keep posting relatively heavy things, so my friend Lindsey suggested I write a post about things to be happy about. I figured that was an appropriate celebration of my 100th post, so…

100 Things to Be Happy About:

  1. The beauty of weather.
  2. The ability to see and interact with the world around you.
  3. Bizarre conversations that have no purpose.
  4. That moment when you realize that somebody else knows EXACTLY what you’re talking about.
  5. Not failing at high-fives… or even better, high-tens.
  6. Unplanned meetings with friends in the middle of the hallway.
  7. Hearing a song that feels perfect for that moment.
  8. Knowing how to be alone.
  9. Planning for the next great adventure.
  10. Alternatively, planning nothing at all and just DOING.
  11. The moment right after a hard run or a hard day when you realize that you survived.
  12. The scent of spring on the air, and the first flower buds emerging from the ground.
  13. Writing poetry.
  14. Reading a book that distracts you completely from your life.
  15. When people listen to what you have to say and offer exactly what you need in response.
  16. Baking and cooking for pleasure.
  17. Dreams of the possibilities of the future.
  18. Meeting new people & making new friends.
  19. Getting past the awkward getting-to-know-you stage.
  20. Learning a new instrument and not even caring how terrible you are.
  21. Feeling confident.
  22. Stepping outside of your comfort zone and not regretting it.
  23. Days when worries are forgotten.
  24. When you find yourself smiling for no reason at all.
  25. Laughing uncontrollably.
  26. Chocolate.
  27. Dancing in the rain.
  28. Spending a day watching favorite movies.
  29. Reading outside.
  30. Creating something beautiful.
  31. The first moment of summer vacation.
  32. Reconnecting with old friends.
  33. Achieving a goal.
  34. Catching 11:11 and making a wish.
  35. Being reminded that you are loved.
  36. Overcoming a challenge.
  37. Having an epiphany.
  38. Eating the last bite of something delicious.
  39. Giving presents…
  40. Especially for no reason at all.
  41. Waking up and knowing that today will be a GOOD day.
  42. Fresh, clean towels.
  43. Modern medicine.
  44. Learning something new.
  45. Re-reading favorite books from your childhood.
  46. Following a recommendation.
  47. The warmth of sunlight.
  48. Cuddling with a pet.
  49. Finding a hidden treasure.
  50. Remembering something you had forgotten.
  51. Traveling by train.
  52. Feeling invincible.
  53. Dancing around the house when nobody else is around.
  54. Singing loudly in the shower.
  55. Feeling beautiful.
  56. Looking through photo albums.
  57. Wearing awesome socks.
  58. Expecting the worst but hearing the best.
  59. Pleasant surprises.
  60. Inside jokes.
  61. Sharing once-embarrassing stories.
  62. Forgiving somebody.
  63. Being forgiven.
  64. Volunteering for a worthy cause.
  65. Doing something for yourself, not because you expected to.
  66. Knowing that people have heard you.
  67. Finding the perfect “thinking spot”.
  68. Reading old journals or stories.
  69. Going barefoot when the ground is damp.
  70. Snow days.
  71. Daydreaming.
  72. Blasting music in the car while driving.
  73. Staying up late and actually accomplishing something.
  74. Watching movies in the middle of the night.
  75. Counting down to an event.
  76. Watching movies with friends.
  77. Holding hands.
  78. Trying on silly hats.
  79. Having a clean room.
  80. Taking pictures of nature.
  81. Beautiful sunrises and sunsets.
  82. Picnics.
  83. Meeting somebody you admire.
  84. Receiving mail.
  85. Starting to write in a new notebook.
  86. Finding old notes from friends.
  87. Writing nonsense songs.
  88. Whispering secrets in the middle of the night.
  89. Filling your day with happy things.
  90. Walking through a park.
  91. Being optimistic.
  92. Beautiful quotes.
  93. The internet.
  94. Testing a new recipe and having it fail– but enjoying the process anyway.
  95. Saying “I love you”.
  96. Enjoying the silence.
  97. Being complimented.
  98. Having an honest debate about opinions without getting offended.
  99. Light.
  100. Just… living.

Well, I could probably go on for a long time, but… this is just 100 things I thought of that I think you should be happy about. These are things I am happy about, anyway!

Thank you so much to Lindsey for inspiring this list, and to all the people that have inspired particular reasons to be happy on this list. To all the readers– the one about being heard– that’s for you. Thank you all so much for commenting and reading!

A demain!



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