To New Readers & Old

Hello, all!

So… I really didn’t know what to say today. Last week was a week of posts with quite a bit of content. That’s exhausting to do, and honestly, for most of this weekend, I have been insanely busy. Nonetheless, I thought about my blog for a lot of the weekend.

For those of you new readers/followers (hello! Thank you, Olivia, for sending so many people over!), thank you SO MUCH for reading and commenting! Seeing so many views and comments on my post about Feminism was fantastic. I just wanted to acknowledge that I read all of your comments and I hope you find something here worth sticking around for!

The thing is, this blog is called “Aly en France” because I am obsessed with France, and I went there for 7 months last year. It used to be a blog about that experience and France-related things. Kind of like a journal of my thoughts and adventures while I was there, and I expected that when I came back, it would be largely France-related. Well, last NaBloPoMo (that really occurred over 4 weeks rather than one month), I just wrote food-named posts that were largely related to what was going on in my life at the time, with the exception of this post about a vacation I took in June while in France. None of it was really of high quality, but this time around, when I’m actually blogging every day for one month, my posts are changing quite a bit.

I’d like to think they’re much better quality now. They’re longer, but they’re not as focused. I’ve been focusing on things that have been on my mind and things I’ve written, but I have strayed a lot from what I thought this blog would be. I really have NO IDEA what my blog is now. I’m not sure where it’s going or what other posts I’ll be writing. I’ve been touching on slightly more controversial topics (feminism, religion…) than I did before, and sharing some of my writing (an excerpt from my novel, a narrative about math class, and this…). It’s still my blog though, and there’s a fair amount of me just talking about my day or whatever. I like the more interesting/content-heavy posts better, to be honest. They’re fun to write and I’m learning so much about how I write.

Either way, I have no idea what my blog IS any more. I don’t know what purpose it is serving or what you guys are expecting from it. Thanks for reading, though, and I hope you’ll enjoy whatever this blog turns into!

A demain!


2 thoughts on “To New Readers & Old

  1. Ha, you're welcome! Your blog definitely deserves whatever increased readership I or anyone else can get for it. :)I went to France for a few days as part of a bigger London/Paris/Italy trip about three years ago. I epically failed at haggling and spilled spaghetti all over the counter of the restaurant in the Louvre's food court. Fun times.

  2. Well, I've been cherry picking the really interesting looking posts, and they are interesting. (Interesting posts are interesting, gasp) I'll probably comment when I have sleep/thought.

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