Five-ish Friday Links

Hello, all!

Another day of blogging that I really don’t want to do. I really having nothing interesting to say today so I’ll steal Jackson Pearce‘s Friday Five idea and Sally McGraw‘s Lovely Links and combine them into Five Friday Links. Except mine might be more-than-five and will probably be more link-y than anything.

1. I’ve been going through New Dress A Day to get inspiration for me and Claire’s not-that-secret-anymore project (which involves sewing).

2. Melinda is awesome– she’s vlogging EVERY day for a year, which is insanity. My favorite of her videos is this one:

(Coincidentally, it kind of works in relation to my post about Religion from a few days ago…)

3. Yes And Yes has been one of my favorite blogs for a very long time, and this remains true. Sarah Von is basically the most epic person that exists, and she’s TRAVELLING in Asia right now, which means that her posts about her trip are fuelling my wanderlust…

4. …Due to said wanderlust, I spend way too much time reading articles/blogs on Lonely Planet, which is also connected to Natalie Tran/Communitychannel (on Youtube) as she travels around the world. I’m jealous.

5. And number five, my shameful love of pointless games… OMGPOP. I’m pretty dang good at Balloono, unless I happen to be doing other things simultaneously, like watching Buffy…

Speaking of, back to Netflix! 😀

A demain!


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