Wrock Concert

Hello, all!

So, yesterday you got the pre-scheduled-since-January post about math class, since I was at a Wizard Rock (Wrock) show two hours away until really late last night. I got home at 11:30, and Claire and I spent several hours being lost… so… yeah.

I took lots of pictures and a bit of video (pictures will be loaded to facebook, and video eventually to youtube), but Claire posted a video vaguely about our trip on the way there.

Olivia wrote a blog post about the concert here (I follow her blog and got to meet her yesterday).

This concert wasn’t quite the same as ROFLCOPTOUR, since it was in a bookstore rather than a library. Lots of people were walking by and such, giving us weird looks. It was kind of harder to meet people than last time, but the music was fun! I finally got to hear the Blibbering Humdingers (check them out on Facebook here) and say hi to Lauren Fairweather (half of the Moaning Myrtles) and Matt Maggiacomo (The Whomping Willows). I even brought them COOKIES. (Everybody loves cookies, and Wrockers are no different.)

I… well, I don’t have much to say. Also I’m hungry. This is fail. It was a fun concert, not as awesome as Summer Tour, but I got a Whomping Willows CD and said hi to sort-of-friends and got hugs and compliments on my Pizza John shirt, so all in all… completely worth it and pretty dang awesome.

This song was my favorite of the evening (I loved them all!) since we had a giant dance party to it.

A demain!


2 thoughts on “Wrock Concert

  1. Just found your blog– I'm slow like that. From what my Google Reader tells me, I really, really want to read a bunch of your posts…but I have to go to school now. Expect an influx of comments….probably Sunday night, as I'll be super busy. 🙂

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