Forgotten Posts


So, I spent three hours in the library today. I love the library so I really don’t mind much, but I did use the time productively. I published a few posts from months (or years… hello there, post from 2009) ago that I had forgotten about. Thank goodness that blogger saves them automatically, but still, I had forgotten about them, these small moments of time where something was going on and I just had to blog about it, but when it came down to it, nothing was actually said.

All of these posts ended up where they would have been had I actually published them on time, but you won’t know where they are so…. here’s a list!

1. Five days before I left for France, I wrote this post. I was going to write something else, probably talk about my week, but as I looked at it today, I realized that I really didn’t need to say more. Read it here.
2. On May 1st of 2010, I had a lot to talk about, mostly reflections on April, where I didn’t post much. I started to think about what life would be like when I got home, but I never finished writing. I finished the post today, but didn’t finish up where I had left off because I have long since forgotten what I had to say. Read it here.
3. In December, there was a lot going on in my life, and I had one particular conversation that stuck out to me. For some reason, I preserved it in a poem in a blog post that was never published. It’s vaguely poetic, and talks about forgiveness. Read it here.

Well, that’s it that I remember immediately! (Ha. Ha. sorry, unintended pun.)

OH WAIT. I forgot about the MAlly Chat blog! I wrote a few posts on there while I was in France, if you never saw those.
1. Jan. 2010: A letter-in-blog-form I wrote to Molly at the beginning of 2010. Read here.
2. Jan. 2010: A post I wrote about my fail with buses and frolicking. Read here.
3. Jan. 2010: I ranted about how things seemed to be swallowed by the room I stayed in for the first four/five months I was in France. Read here.
4. April 2010: Talking about growing up & change. Read here.
5. May 2010: Part of my birthday present to Molly, a blog post. Read here.
6. May 2010: A ridiculous post about the smelliness of cheese, for no apparent reason. … Yeah. Read here… xD

While I was at the library I realized that I never mind spending hours at the library. I have always loved the library, probably because the children’s section in the library I went to as a child was ridiculously epic (it had a GIANT TREE on the inside. I mean, come on, guys. A tree. Though I don’t remember if it was just a painting, a fabric tree, or a real TREE.). I remember having storytime in this little trailer, sitting in a circle and listening to stories.

It may just be because I love books. There was this used bookstore in that same tiny town in Florida that my mom would take my brother and I. It smelled wonderful in there. (I love the smell of used/old books.) I’d sit between the aisles and pick through the paperbacks, finding Goosebumps books or whatever it is that I was reading. I don’t really know, but I just remember that store on the corner in the older part of town, where I could get lost in books.

I went back to that store a while ago; it has moved, but it still smells the same.

I completely lost where I was going with that.

Anyway, read those old posts and marvel at the productiveness of the library.

(I also added the tag NaBloPoMo, so it should be easier to find all the NaBloPoMo posts from August/September and this month! Yay.)



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