NaBloPoMo Revisited

Hello, all!

It’s almost, which really means nothing to me. It’s a NEW semester, which is fun, and I have several things that I plan to do this month, so I might as well use my 1000 words a week resolution to do more blogging! (Since I’m obviously not working on my novel much… However, I’m still doing well with the resolution, which is the point.)

So, I’m just warning you… come February, I’m participating in NaBloPoMo again. Expect daily posts, some of which might be pre-scheduled (yes, I’m tricky like that).

The theme for this month is “Character”, and while I would usually not care about the theme (or rather last time, I blogged daily for a month that wasn’t just *one* month), I rather like this theme and I already know a few things I can do with it on days when I all have to talk about is school stuff.

If there’s any ideas YOU have for what to do with that theme or things that you’d like me to talk about, let me know! And if you want, you could join in the blogging here.

Well, I’ll talk to you again on February 1st!


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