Pretzel Roll


Today was long run, homeworkhomeworkhomework, Rock the Block, and some time to talk to Frenchies.

What do you think of the slightly-altered blog design? Hopefully it isn’t as hard to read now… I’m hoping that at some point I’ll be able to get a more customized design, but I’m still controlling how it looks, so this is as good as it’s getting! I can alter it again or do something different, but I am LAZY and it may take a while for me to get around to that.

It feels like fall. Though I just got new shorts and tank tops from Margaret (stolen from her Goodwill pile). Good timing?

I don’t dress transitionally. I wear the clothes for the weather that I want to have, which is currently shorts and flip-flops, despite the discomfort from the cross-country blisters. The blisters are a result of the snazzy new socks we got to race in, but wearing them for seven miles ended up torturing my poor feet. I was doing so well, too!

Every day at practice, I realize how naked I feel without my running watch. I’m generally so obsessive over time that not having a watch annoys me to no end. Especially on days like today when there’s a bit of a workout going on. A new watch is on my list again, but then again, my list of stuff I want (*feels so greedy*) is too long and I’m too broke.

As the weather gets cooler, I keep thinking about indoor and outdoor track and whether or not I want to participate in either. I’m not really a track person but I love spending time with my team (especially my best friends that are runners, because I won’t see them otherwise and their presence in my life is very important to me). I’ll be so busy! D: Thus, I’m putting off decision-making until it is absolutely necessary. Help? :/

Tomorrow is going to be fun– Lunch with Alex, Colin, and Molly, and then we’ll be going to see the Tempest. I love Shakespeare class, and this week we’ll be starting the Taming of the Shrew; I have a feeling that I’ll adore it. Unfortunately I have lots of work to do other than that. On the bright side, I don’t have Business Law on Monday morning! 😀

Now, more homework. Sociology. Whoops.

A demain!


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