Pixie Sticks


Tomorrow is the final day of my daily blogging extravaganza. I’m excited. I now have written 70 posts on this blog, which is a nice total, though there will definitely be more.

At last, I have something interesting and relevant to blog about!

Today, I went to see The Tempest with my Shakespeare 101 class, plus some random friends. It was SO AWESOME! I might not have said this before, but I really love Shakespeare. That’s predictable, of course, but since I’ve never read or seen “true” Shakespeare before, this is quite an experience. I spent so much time laughing, and the story is even more enchanting when it’s performed on stage. I realized as I watched it that I have some completely unwitting Shakespeare references in things I’ve written before, which is insane. Or rather, if you look for them, you can find them… but I didn’t know they were there, because I knew nothing of Shakespeare. It’s interesting how that works out, despite how confusing that statement is.

Seeing The Tempest with my friends was amazing; we (being Molly, Alex, and I) had lunch at my house before we left (we packed Colin a lunch since he was late), but got lost several times on the way there due to the lag of the GPS. Technology… 😦 All of this was fun, and the experience was great. We all got FREE T-SHIRTS by signing up for the mailing list, which is okay because the t-shirt is AWESOME and I LOVE FREE STUFF, so I guess mail from NCShakes isn’t bad, either. I’m so grateful to Mrs. Coates for giving us this opportunity.

I’m starting to realize that my area offers a lot more “culture” than I had previously assumed. Between Rock the Block and various other cultural festivals (including the North Carolina Shakespeare Festival), and other such things, we actually have a lot going on in our area. Unfortunately, such things only go on for a little while before leaving. But they still exist, and we still have the opportunity, if even for a day, to take part in something interesting.

So I guess the moral of the story is that 1. I like Shakespeare, 2. Plays are always awesome, and 3. My town is more awesome then I tend to believe.

A demain for the final NaBloPoMo post 🙂


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