I didn’t end up blogging earlier, as I had planned to. I ended up reading for APUSH and then printing my “short personal statement” for the other scholarship. I was NEARLY late to school, but not quite! Success.

My computer is broken. The “A” key doesn’t actually work, but thanks to a program that Colin told me about, I was able to change the setup of my keyboard so that my “Caps Lock” key is the “A”. Gandalf is so very sad. He’s falling apart! (Gandalf is my laptop; I name inanimate objects. Generally after nerdy things.)

I’m so glad it’s Friday. I just want to take a nap and then NOT have any homework to do. This weekend will be me dying slowly as I am swallowed by piles of paper. No time for naps tonight! Football game to sell raffle tickets (fundraiser for cross-country) then senior girls sleepover. It will be awesome, though I’m sure we’ll be completely out of it by 10.

I want to bake something this weekend. French toast, maybe, or gateau basque or macarons. Not sure. I just want a nap and food. That makes me sound like I have no ambition for this weekend. Mental health weekends don’t exist, nor do mental health days. It’ll be worth it, I suppose, but it is SO VERY tiring. All the time. I might just go take a nap now. That would be good.

A demain!


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