Failed Crepes


I don’t know what it is about cooking French cuisine that always has me stumped. It’s crepes more than anything, but the inability to make crepes seems to only occur in the States. I am determined though, and one of these days I’ll be successful. >.<

Today was less mind-numbing as yesterday, though once again I have too much to do. I’m working on various tasks at once, if that counts for anything. I’m surrounded by a field of paper, if textbooks, notebooks, binders, books, and my French pencil case all count as paper, the field being the dining room table or my bedroom floor. (Two very different places, however both seem to be disaster zones of Important Things.)

Tomorrow we’re supposed to find out about that one scholarship. And then there’s a cross-country race that afternoon, at a course that I’m not overly fond of. I’ll survive, though I make no promises about my mental health after that point.

There are some topics I have yet to blog about that I want to tackle, but they don’t really fit into the details of my life. I don’t have time right now to sit down and organize my thoughts on the matter. Some of those are France-related, and others aren’t.

I’ve got to go now; the field of paper is pushing back into my mind.

The person I appreciate the most today is Caroline. She’s one of my freshman buddies, and is completely awesome. She had this great quote today as we were running after the French Club meeting (she and Molly are joining all the language clubs, and since today was a French Club meeting that lasted quite a while and involved food, we were quite stuffed when we got to practice 30 minutes late…), she said “I’m feelin’ the craps! … Crepes!”. I died laughing 🙂

A demain!


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