Everything Bagel


The trend of this Blogging-Every-Day thing seems to be breakfast foods, but not consistently. That’s okay though, because I love breakfast.

Today was good, but filled with all those Boring Things. My long run this morning was AMAZING, though. The weather was perfect, I felt good, and the time on my own gave me a chance to get my thoughts in order again.

Other than that, I’ve been spending the day with college and scholarship applications, and the subsequent pile of paperwork that I am forced to for all of it. It’s really difficult to try to look at the things I’ve done and accomplished when I can’t think of anything in particular. BUT I am nearly done. Somuchdue, so soon.

I was going to write something more interesting, but I have to go work on more of the same stuff, and homework. So, I’ll attempt to be more enthusiastic tomorrow. We’ll see.

*** EDIT!
I just finished an essay for my sociology class, so I’d like to share some of that with you. This blog keeps getting more and more sociology related, but I can’t help it. I honestly love talking about it, and I hope that it interests some of you, too. Part of the reason, I’m sure, is that my experience with different cultures has made me incredibly curious about the way that impacts people. I like to think about the differences between here and France in that perspective. I’ll build up to that post, though, because I will have a lot to say! 🙂 ***

The use of a sociological perspective means that we examine individual lives within the greater context of the society in which that particular person lives. We can see the way that society impacts the life of that person. Looking at life itself from that point of view can make it seem as though our lives are completely governed by all the external influences that surround us in our daily life. It can be easily argued that sociology “pigeon-holes” people into specific roles that are dictated by their society, but that is not the point of a sociological perspective. The idea is that we can better understand the influences on the development of our character based on the typical behaviors of members in our society and the expectations placed on us.

Sociology gives us a view of our lives through the eyes of society, and a clearer view of what shapes us as an individual. The influences of society may help define our lives, but in the end, it is ourselves that make the decisions leading us. Society cannot make decisions for you, but only shape the person you are more likely to become. The individual remains one unto themselves, an entity that is part of society but at the same time separate. Sociology leads us only so far as to see what surrounds us, enabling or discouraging our progress as individuals, but it does not dictate that we must act in a certain way.

A demain!


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