Lemon Poppyseed Muffin


I only have 13 or so minutes to blog, since I haven’t really been home since around 10:28 this morning.

What a busy day.

Shakespeare stuff is beginning with the Tempest, we had an in-class essay in English (I write really quickly 😮 ), pre-cal was… surprisingly easy except for when the teacher tricks us, and I looove AP US History (aka “APUSH”). Only one class of business law next week!

Running was good. The turnout was disappointing. It’s always the same group of girls and I love them, but sometimes it’s really sad how little the majority of the team cares for this sport. It’s hard work, but REALLY?! Target?! However, I did enjoy all the time I had to talk to Kathleen, and then we forced a boy from our rival school to join our abs circle and asked him loads of questions because we were trying to weird him out. He dealt with it pretty well, much better than our own boys could, I’m sure.

Then there was Cold Stone with Molly, getting ready for the game, Parta/Spaghetti, then hanging out with people that I was SO GLAD to see again. After, we spent an hour and some just talking to Colin.

So, good day. Exhaustion of course and I have to get up less-early-than-normal tomorrow, yet it is still unwanted. ONE MORE LONG RUN AFTER TOMORROW, so I guess that’s something.

A demain!


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