Cookies & Cream


Sometimes, all I need is a day where I’m not stressed out over something-or-other (probably insignificant), where I am too busy to stop and think, too happy to worry about what this week or this season or this year holds for me. Today was one of those days, and I am exhausted now, but in a great mood (despite the fact that I realize that I have homework to finish that I forgot about in the rush of everything else). It doesn’t bother me that I didn’t accomplish much today, because it my eyes, not accomplishing much other than selfish pleasure and FUN is acceptable. It IS the weekend, after all.

I woke up relatively early today, though I refused to get out of bed, choosing instead to lie there with the blinds open a bit to enjoy the light and the cool temperature of my room, where it is perpetually too much of an extreme. After grocery shopping, I ate lunch with my family– not that we’re really that great at “family time” anyway, since we tend to disperse to seperate rooms, often with lights off, each glued to our respective computers, pretending for that moment that interaction with our family is not needed. I didn’t mind today, but sat at the bare table alone, reading Paper Towns and thinking about wanderlust again.

Shortly after, I left once again to head to Molly’s, where we made a great card for Tori’s birthday (which was yesterday) and wrapped (me: complicated weaving covering the Christmas wrapping paper, Molly: scraps of wrapping paper that didn’t cover the box of Animal Crackers) part ONE of her gifts, and then delivered them. A quick jaunt to Colin’s, then a stop at Juice Shop (out of the way, but delicious) to get Grant a smoothie, then to Grant’s. Of course we got distracted by filling random things in to Grant’s calendar, before deciding to stop by our freshman (of the year, we generally choose a few freshmen to be “ours”, which means we adopt them and do our best to include them) Caroline’s house– her family’s reactions were hysterical, and we’ll definitely be going back, especially since she wasn’t there! Then back to Colin’s, before dinner at Molly’s (hot dogs!), and out to a new ice-cream parlor (Cookies and Cream). Delicious and Fattie Club, best way to end any day.

And now I’m doing homework, knowing that I’ll have to be up early again tomorrow for school. First FULL week of school, but I feel more mentally prepared now. Today makes this weekend a success in my book.

See you again tomorrow!


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