Back again. Another busy day, and I’m sleepy so, today in form of things I learned!

1. Bagels and conversation = great way to start any day.
2. Not remembering where you learned something doesn’t mean it doesn’t matter that you learned it.
3. Knowing things that other people don’t realize you know can become awkward when you hint at the things you know but they don’t realize you’re hinting at knowing, since they wouldn’t expect you to know.
4. That last sentence is very confusing.
5. Shakespeare is basically the god of the English language.
6. Batman was everybody’s favorite superhero, mostly for his costume. xD
7. Multitasking math is, indeed, possible.
8. Broken rolling chairs make good distractions from important things, but are not recommended transportation.
9. Drinking less than 2 or 3 giant water bottles of water a day means you WILL suffer in the sun.
10. Dedication to fun means spending far too much money.

The end.
Bedtime, since I’m done early?! (I could write more but I WANT TO SLEEEEEEP!)
A demain!


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