So, the last first day of High School. Very surprisingly, more awesome than ever, but more work than ever. Not sure how that works out, but I am pleased. If I am not swallowed by my courseload, I will be very happy, though probably exhausted.

My teachers are all great, which is an exciting change, as every year, there is that one teacher that is less than what you expected. This year, my schedule is packed with difficult classes with teachers that have some sort of reputation, though for the most part, that reputation is one of being one of the best teachers at Tabor.

I’m particularly excited for Shakespeare, English, and AP US History (though the last one is a class where I know few other students, since they are for the most part, juniors). The groups of people in English and Shakespeare are pretty cool, and I spent most of English laughing and eating, so what more could I ask for?! 😉

I spent my study hall period running around with Duncan, attempting to figure out what we could do, given the new limitations on study hall. At least I HAVE a study hall, and hopefully that time and my “travel period” will allow me to finish all that I have to do every day before a very unreasonable time of the night. Though I didn’t have much homework today, it was all time-consuming, and I fear it will only get worse.

Today was great, though 🙂 Especially by first-day standards.
(Also, I thought this post would be longer but I got distracted and it’s late now and I have another busy day tomorrow, so unfortunately, I have once again blogged in a very brief manner. This still counts towards blogging though! I HAVE NOT GIVEN UP MY MISSION!)

Best Quote of the Day: “If you don’t have a life, GET ONE! Starting today!” (It sounds motivational, but it was more along the lines of the teacher wanting everybody to be so busy that they basically explode. She was only kind of kidding, though.)


P.S. The food of the day is Jambalaya, since that’s a spicy Cajun food, and what I had for dinner. Lunch and breakfast weren’t spectacular so far as food goes. I will try to amend that tomorrow. 😀


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