Kick Ass Frenchies

JP, Lisa, Nolwenn, me, and Cindy before Kick Ass 😀
(Picture credit: Jean Paul, except I think Charlotte took this one.)

Hello again!

I know, you probably feel like you’re hearing from me a lot lately. This is due to the fact that I’ve decided I really need to use my time better, and I’ve just kind of needed to write on here lately. I think this will be my goal for the next 2 months, so you should be hearing a lot more from me! (I’ve actually got plans for some things for this blog; check for updates and interesting things! :D)
I have FIVE more postcards. I sent 4, then 10 last week, and today another 11. I lie, it’s technically two, since I owe three of you a postcard! Though I may cave in and buy more, if I get more people that want them. So, uhh, seriously, ASK IF YOU WANT A POSTCARD! I would love to send one! Also, I love postcards. Even with pears on them– thank you, Katherine! (She is awesome! Go check out her blog full of pretty things, happy thoughts, and Grand Schemes :D)

I’ve been hanging out with my friends lately! They have completely pulled through for me on things we’ve mentioned doing, such as going to Nice and having sleepovers and such.

I spent Saturday hanging out in Centre-ville with Nolwenn, Lisa, Charlotte H., and Jean-Paul. We went to lunch (I ate another American, you guys. I admit, I really just wanted to say I’ve eaten more Americans. Such a cannibal…!), took pictures, wandered around, and finally joined Cindy at the Cinemas to see Kick-Ass. I thought it was awesome, but I enjoy such nerds-conquering-the-world-I-mean-being-Nerdfighters type movies. I kept dying of laughter, even though I didn’t even understand what exactly they were saying ALL the time. After all that, we had ice cream and hung out more. We managed to convince people walking by we were insane, as well as stalk a marching band in Period Dress (I still don’t exactly understand why there were so many people in Old-Fashioned Clothes were wandering around… and all the BOOM!s that weren’t fireworks?), and various other fun things. Oh, Frenchies, how much joy you bring me…
[I took pictures! They’re on facebook.]

JP, Charlotte H., Lisa, Nolwenn, Cindy

I’m going to Nice with Charlotte B. on Wednesday! We’re going to tour the Old part of the town, eating the Best Ice Cream in Nice, and I’m spending the night at her house! (Why, yes, I do have school Thursday. *feels B)

OH! And tomorrow, I’ve got TWO CLASSES (technically 3, but 2 hours of French except one hour is with the Premier ES1, and 2 hours of “hande.” [Handball, they always leave off the -ball.])! After which, me and the Frenchies are going to McDonald’s (I think that will be the 10th time), then the Theatre to see Mozart’s Flute Enchantee. It will be AWESOME! There’s ACROBATS!!!!! (I hope I’m allowed to bring my camera because I definitely am.)

I’ll tell you about tomorrow and Wednesday as soon as possible– hopefully with pictures! But at the moment, I have to run errands and do Important Things, so I’m going to peace out and not include any details about why today is fail, but in a way that I don’t really care about because I’m in a great mood. 😀


Trips to McDonalds/Quick: 9 [this is including during the last vacation, so this is the as-of-today count]


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