French Sickie

Hello, everybody!

I’ve been here in Fréjus for ONE MONTH! I’ve been in France for a bit longer, but still. I’ve made it through one month, and I’m beginning to think that the time here will be passing too quickly. This scares me– I feel like there’s so much more to learn, to see, and to experience. I’ve got to learn, though my vocabulary, pronounciation, and general knowledge is improving as I spend more time surrounded by French culture and words. This isn’t a long-overdue update, but I’m working on those! (After I finish the Week One post, I probably won’t be worrying about going back and filling in all the mundane details of my life.)

At any rate, right now I’m sick (I have a cold), so I haven’t done anything interesting this weekend. I didn’t have the time/energy/willpower to run at all this past week at the beautiful Ville Aurelienne. One of my friends has said that he might run with me some Saturday though, so that’s awesome because I don’t have a running buddy here. This next Saturday marks the beginning of Winter Holidays here, which last for a couple weeks (I think). I don’t have any plans, but hopefully I can find something other than reading and/or watching movies to entertain myself.

(I’ve been reading Harry Potter books; my friend Charlotte H. gave me the second, fifth, and sixth Harry Potter books in French, for which I will love her forever because HARRYPOTTEREEP! I read the first chapter of the second book yesterday…. and then watched the first two movies.)

Being sick in a foreign country is particularly unpleasant, as all the things you do when you’re sick may not work so well or be quite the same, since you’re elsewhere. The medicine isn’t the same, and I’ve been sucking on Ricola/Coldeeze that Dad left me (again) because I’ve been hacking all over the place. I may head over to the Pharmacie down the street (if Nathalie and Olivier don’t think I’ll collapse or suddenly catch pneumonia along the way…) and hunt for some meds that Mom looked up that are the French equivalents of familiar things (like Motrin, except not really).

(I’ve been taking this stuff called Doliprane, which is similar to Tylenol– you dissolve it in water and drink it; not yummy. It’s supposed to get rid of my fever, not that I know my exact temperature because 1) Celsius???? and 2) I refuse to use their thermometer… but I generally know when I have a fever.)

My friends here are quite awesome; they use MSN, rather than AIM, so I spend a lot of time on there now, even though I haven’t used that email address in years. My expressions don’t translate well into French, but they seem to understand some of them (“happydance, anyone? no? Okay, errr… danse de bonheur? oui? YAY!!!!!”).

I love to go downtown– I always walk the same way, because I don’t know which way is faster and the path I take is the one that Laure showed me when I went to see Avatar in French with her and her friend Anais. I ran at Base Nature a couple weeks ago, and decided that it’ll work in when I’m in desperate need of running, but it’s like the beginning of the Wendy’s course (flat, field; when it’s not marsh-like, it’s probably dusty). But Fréjus is qute a nice place, if a bit sleepy. I’m looking forward to summer, because there seems to be NOTHING to do here in the winter!

I just wanted to let you all know that I’m doing well; I’m speaking in French to my friends at school more, and actually participating in some classes (such as some of my 9-hours-of-French-classes, where I’ll read out loud a bit of a poem or story excerpt). I’ll be attempting to make Toll House Cookies at some point (I have to save some for my English teacher, actually, haha), and things are more-or-less settling down at Chez Chasson now (11 year old boy = never true calm), and MY FRENCH IS IMPROVING (or so I’ve been told by quite a few people, though I believe that Corentin may say otherwise based on the amount of correcting he does… xD).

Hope all you North Carolinians are enjoying your SNOW (!!!), and that everybody is well & happy 🙂


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