Parties and a Puck


I’m currently sprawled out on the floor of my room (which I just cleaned from all the art supplies that Molly, Matt, and I managed to get all over in the process of making Noelle’s birthday present), surrounded by roughly a third of my closet. I’m packing, but right now I’m in the stage of “Sorting”.
[It’s really not that exciting, and I’d much rather be bowling with Molly and Claire right now.]

Yesterday was amazing. Despite the foul weather, a fair number of people managed to make it to my birthday party. I’m really sad that some of my really close friends couldn’t make it for some reason or another (being offered a job by the CIA? Okay then. See ya next July?), I plan on going out to lunch on Monday if anybody’s around and wants to come join in.

I have to find time to write thank-you’s to everybody for their wonderful gifts, but I must admit, I don’t remember who gave me what. Probably because I was consuming a lot of sugar and was a bit rushed through that entire process. So, if you were there and brought food/soda/presents, then PLEASE remind me so I can thank you properly. (Note: that = fail)

Besides my own party, I went to Noelle’s surprise birthday party with Molly and Matt. We went to see Avatar, and although I wasn’t paying enough attention to enjoy the beginning fully (didn’t help that I was talking), I did enjoy it quite a bit. Let’s go to Smurf Space-Africa!

[I’m one of those terrible people that talks and laughs obnoxiously loud in movie theaters. Whoops. I can’t help it that I was reminded of a lot of random things, like Disney songs, and I was between two people that had funny things to say. Grrr…]

Après ça, we ended up at Noelle’s house (awkward moment: when you say goodbye-for-six-months to somebody and then you see them a few hours later). We ate another funfetti cake (so sugary. so yummy. also quite delicious as partial-breakfast), played Never Have I Ever, and I guess that was about it.

OH! That reminds me. The art supplies in my room went to decorating a duck that Margaret, Alex, and I were trying to use for our physics project. We covered it in puff balls. It is now named Puck, and Noelle loves him. 🙂

I could say a lot of really awkward things about yesterday because they’re quite humorous, but the idea is that yesterday/today was a lot of fun.

Now I’m home; going caroling with Tori, Molly, and Kat later (maybe Claire, too, since I couldn’t go bowling). My brother and mom decided to be awesome and got me DVDs– Blu-ray Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (unexpected move on his part; we don’t buy each other presents, much less with our own money :P!), Les Misérables (if you don’t get why that’s so awesome, read this, although that doesn’t help that much. mostly, happy thoughts), and The Aristocats (I’m working on getting all the Disney “classics” on DVD, since I only have them on VHS).

RIGHT. Now that I’ve updated you will all sorts of insignificant details and anecdotes, here’s the OTHER motive for this post.

If I haven’t gotten you a card with my address, skype, and email on it, then I’m sorry! I kept forgetting to hand them out. I can give you all that information, you just need to email me at alyinfrance @ (well, fine, that’s my email right there. SKYPE AND ADDRESS, THEN.)

Since I don’t have most people’s email/skype/address, if you want to keep in touch with me by any of those means, please EMAIL ME your information (PLEASE remember to include your name!). If you give me your address, I’ll definitely try to send you a postcard/letter from France! (I know you want to. Everybody loves snail mail, yeah?)

If I haven’t gotten to see you and you want to hang out ONE FINAL TIME before I leave, please let me know and I’ll find a way to get you details about the plans for Monday (lunch).



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