Insignificant Numbers


It’s nearly 12:00, so that means it’s NEARLY my birthday (if we’re going to be precise, however, 1 or so in the morning)! YAY FOR BEING 17!
[Honestly, there’s not that much interestingness to it, I would guess; R-rated movies? Whoopdedoo?]

HOWEVER, today (by the time you read this, that is), means that it is the Fourteenth… and France is a liiiiiittle… 8 days, since I am, in fact, counting… over a week away!

By now I’m really excited because I’m not afraid of having a bad experience. Through my dad’s persistence and the help of a bunch of people, we finally found a host family for me to stay with while I’m there.

My father contacted Rick from Oregon, who wrote a blog about his family’s experience living a year in france; Rick forwarded the message to friends in Fréjus, where the message was forwarded to other families, including my host family, the Chasson’s. They graciously offered to host me for the entire stay; though I may be sleeping in the grandmother’s house each night. I’ve been in touch with a boy from Washington, DC who stayed with them last summer; he says they’re very kind! So, it should be a good solution.

I’ll be included on family outings and the like, and I’ll go to Lycée Albert Camus as originally planned. I’ll have to ride the bus, but that’s all just part of the experience so I have no qualms.

At any rate, France is coming up really quickly, and I’m ridiculously excited. I can’t wait to go, but part of me isn’t fully ready yet. I haven’t spent nearly enough time with the friends that I may not see again for a long time; particularly the seniors that have been some of my great friends since they were “my sophomores”.

I convinced Mom to let me have a Going Away/Birthday party on Friday, so I’m looking forward to that quite a bit. 🙂

On the 22nd, Dad and I will be leaving Winston around noon to drive to Charlotte. Our flight is at four (we’re flying to Philadelphia); from there, we’ll fly to Paris. I think we’ll be there until the 29th, at which point we’ll be travelling by train down to Fréjus!

In other news:
I’ve become slightly obsessed with the show Doctor Who, which I’ve been watching on youtube lately (so that I can understand the Chameleon Circuit songs). This isn’t very helpful to me getting anything at all done, but it’s not like I mind killing my brain via sorta-television like other people. :3

Besides, FRANCE IS SOON! So my brain may or may not have gone on vacation already. Shhhh.



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