Apple Juice


It’s obviously not Tuesday anymore, but today was uninteresting (again), except for watching Astérix (sp?) in French class. It’s not actually in French, but it’s a French cartoon and is based on an actual character from French history. But yeah; it’s good. 🙂

So, because of THAT and the fact that I wrote this when I had nothing to do in math yesterday, I’ll just type it up and you’ll have to pretend that it is still Tuesday.

It’s Tuesday, which means Molly and I had “Fattie Club” this morning (you can join! Molly and I are co-presidents; she’s the founder. xD). We went to Chick-Fil-A and bought a wonderfully greasy and unhealthy breakfast, including apple juice boxes. xD No strange and slightly embarrassing ’90s music, for once!

Although by normal standards, today has been unexciting, I’m quite pleased to say that it has been infinitely better than yesterday. [note: Monday was a terrible day, even by Monday-standards, and it only got wayyyy better after I won NaNo.]

We’ve started sicussing gender inequality in Sociology; my class seems to be largely conservative, making the conversation feel like beating my head against a brick wall for hours. I don’t understand how they can hold such double standards, especially after the last unit (race inequality). They say somehing, and then contradict themselves in the next statement.

What they don’t seem to grasp is that people are STILL people, no matter what race or gender or sexual orientation. Your discomfort with their differences should not force people to repress themselves for fear of judgement, discrimination, or harassment.

With any luck, as we progress through this unit, my classmates will find themselves considering their opinions more thoroughly and opening their minds.

Also, YAY MOLLY for posting on MAlly Chat on Monday! I didn’t notice until today (back to present tense). Go check it out! MAlly Chat has a lot more than this blog; it’s a lot more randomness and fun.

Hope you’re having a good week!


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