Long Time; no Blog


I don’t think it needs to be said, really, but I haven’t posted here in forever. Again, I’ve been neglecting most the Blogger blogs in favor of tumblr, but I’m sort of falling out of my tumblr addiction these days. I want to write, and that’s why I blog. Tumblr is used more for photography and Grand Statements about Life, which I really don’t have right now.

At any rate, I’m busy right now. Not incredibly busy, but enough so that I spend a lot of time NOT doing things that I would rather be doing.

I don’t know if I posted anything about this on THIS blog, but I passed my online classes! As in BOTH of them, which is rather unexpected. I thought I failed AFM for sure, and had barely scraped a passing grade of a D in French. I actually got C’s in both, which is really not okay by my normal standards, but it’s fine for all that…

This year, I’m taking super-easy courses, which basically means I have busywork and I spend days tyring not to take naps, because Molly makes me stay up late with her while she finishes all her AP homework. I’m taking AFM again, to get a better grade, as well as (block) Honors Environmental/Earth Science (it’s a complete joke. I’m the oldest student in the class… gah, I hate the classes of ’12 and ’13…), Honors English 3, Honors Physics (my brother is in my class, which is a bit traumatizing), Honors Sociology, and Honors French V, which is my only truly challenging class. Unfortunately, Madame is out for a while because she just had surgery, so that is a lot less challenging than it ought to be, as our substitute is … ehrm, not very good at French.

I thought I had a fun anecdote about Frenchly stuff to share, but I have forgotten it. *gnashes teeth*

I had a crappy week this past week, but the week before was AMAZING, so hopefully this week will be alright?

I’m running VARSITY at the Wolfpack Invitational on Saturday, but I shouldn’t know that… I guessed, and Coach Amy will be telling me OFFICIALLY tomorrow!
This means I have to be INSPIRED and get un-running-rutted by SATURDAY so that I can validly force Lameface to show up to cheer me on. My motivations are so screwed up, geez.

Bonne nuit!


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